Italie Etrurie etrusque

On the left present-day Italy; on the right Etruria, the territory of the Etruscans from the 8th century BC, which extended from the southwest of the peninsula to the north. Corsica too, French territory today, was an Etruscan territory.
On the right, in double-circled dots, the 12 large Etruscan cities can be seen. Rome was originally a minor city.
It is worth mentioning that Greeks called Etruscans “Tyrrhenes” or “Tyrrhenians” and their country Tyrrhenia, hence the name Tyrrhenian Sea. The Romans called them Tusci or Etruschi (hence their Etruscan name). Tusci is the origin of Tuscany, the name of a region in present-day Italy where the Etruscans lived.

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