spirale sen ouseret

Ankh with its head (Ra), its horizontal arms (the evil), its vertical part (the good)
In the middle: Pharaoh Kheperkaré Sen Useret (Sesostris I), with Ankh crosses in his hands
The Ashanti doll, assurance of fertility on the right is actually a slightly modified Ankh
One can make the analogy with the human who, like the Ankh, is animated by the opposed forces of the evil and the good. The human must always make the good triumph with his heart, by practicing Maât. He must remain S.Ankh.ka.Râ, that is to say the one who gives life to the ka (energy) of Ra. S.Ankh.ka.Râ is at the origin of the names Sankhara / Sankharé / Sangharé in West Africa

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