The first inhabitants of America were black

Luzia, the oldest inhabitant of America Image authenticated on the Bradshaw Foundation website
Luzia, the oldest inhabitant of America

Image authenticated on the Bradshaw Foundation website

You have aside a reconstitution of the oldest inhabitant of America, named Luzia by Westerners. This Africoid feminine skeleton was found in Lapa Vermelha, in the Southeast of Brazil, not far away from the Atlantic Coast. The bones were dated back to 12.000 years [1]. This establishes it as the oldest of America.

The oldest attestation of human presence in America is testified by wall paints on the site of Pedra Furada in the Northeast of Brazil. Human presence on this site was dated back to 65.000 years [2]. Pedra Furada site is located near the far eastern end of Brazil and is clearly looking towards Africa.

Until now, Western scientists have said that these first inhabitants were from Australia or Asia, not from Africa. However, the inhabitants of Pedra Furada could only be Blacks given that white and other races appeared only 20.000 years ago, through the adaptation of the Black to glacial European climate. Hence, America has been initially populated at the time when there were only Blacks on the planet. The Pedra Furada people could not reasonably be Blacks from Asia (Russia) because in that era, the Northern hemisphere was experiencing a glaciation from -120.000 to -10.000, (named Wisconsinian in America), making impossible any travel of that importance.

Moreover, it could hardly be Blacks from Australia for the route between Australia and America is six times longer than the one between Africa and America. Furthermore, if the first Americans had originated from Australia or Asia, we could have expected to find their traces on the Pacific Coast and north of America first, but not on the Southern Atlantic Coast, as it is the case here. The simplest explanation is that the first Americans left West Africa and arrived in Brazil, thanks to sea currents.

Wall Paints at Pedra Furada Source : Bradshaw Foundation
Wall Paints at Pedra Furada

Source : Bradshaw Foundation

This conclusion is, on the basis of current knowledge, the only reasonable one. It is also worth mentioning that most of the first skeletons found were of Pygmy type, identifiable by their short stature. The tall Black people that the Europeans saw in America were, for most of them, stemming from a new wave of migration from Africa, they came from Mali and Songhai empires during the imperial era, after their Egyptian-Sudanese ancestors, 2000 years before.

Those very first Americans may have crossbred with Asians, arrived from -3000 in greater number [3]. So, the Native Americans are the result of these two races’ interbreeding, even if historian David Imhotep tells us that the Asian element was demographically predominant.

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