The African Spirituality : from science to the discovery of God

Amen-Ra, unique God of Africa, imagined under his-her masculine appearance (left, temple of Hatshepsut) and his-her female and male appearance on the right (Musée du Louvre)

There is only one religion in authentic Africa. What are its foundations? Why is it called animism? At the end of this article, you will never look at Africa in the same way.

Let’s go back to 200,000 years ago. The anatomically modern human just comes to life in Africa. He is already as intelligent as present humans. He is birthed on a land where climate is mild and food is abundant. He is a human with rudimentary needs. The nature, in which he is placed, materially fulfils him. Worriless, he ends up asking himself fundamental questions in the original cradle of the Great Lakes and Southern Africa: Who am I? Did someone create me? If yes, how? Why was I created? That’s the beginning of philosophy.

To answer his philosophical questions, the African observes at length all his surroundings. He finds that there is an Energy; that all things are animated by this Energy; that every life is life because of this Energy; that this energy makes the sun shine, makes the wind blow, warms Earth, makes humans and animals walk, makes plants and minerals vibrate. This energy flows from one body to another, it never dies.

Then, the African understands that this energy is the commander of all things, it is the origin of life with which it merges. This energy that lives in all things, is the ancestor of all things, the primordial Ancestor. Since, from his point of view, this energy has given birth to beings as he thinks, then this energy has feminine and masculine aspects, because only a couple can conceive. But how did this Energy, to whom he owes his life, came to life?

Nun, the primordial water

The Kamit (Black) still observes and understands that water gives birth to life. Water is the starting point of life, it contains life in a microscopic state. Water ponds enable hatching of life, the man’s semen is a liquid containing the germs of life. The conceived child, like the mammalian animal, grows up and leaves the amniotic fluid of the mother contained in a cavity. The bird is born out of the liquid contained in the egg, etc. Then the African concluded that at the beginning of everything there was liquid: Nun in ancient Egyptian, Uthlanga among the Zulu, Tano among the Akans of Ghana / Ivory Coast, Nommo among the Dogons of Mali.

The Dogon of Mali, a people known for their advanced knowledge in astronomy, still consider Nommo, the primordial water, as the sacred source.

The Nun has always been there, no one created it, and the Nun possessed within itself all the potentialities of life, all the germs of life, in a disordered and sleepy state. These potentialities are what physics calls particles. The Nun was a sea, a soup of particles moving in a disorderly way, and whose movement ended in a bottomless hole, the black hole of today’s Western physicists, which the Basas of Cameroon call Sonkum. Energy comes from one of these particles contained in the Nun. This particle from which Energy came was called Atum by the ancient Egyptians, Nkolo by the baKongo.

Atum, present in the Nun

Atum, the particle from which Creation sprang, ended up being aware of himself. Atum was first hidden in the Nun (Imana / Amen in ancient Egyptian). Awareness of Atum, his awakening, represents the founding act of Creation. As a particle from which creation emerges, he is symbolized by an egg that the Central African Fangs call Aki Ngoss, which the Egyptians called Suhet, which the Fulanis call Botcchio’ndé, and which inspired the name of famous king Behanzin of current Benin, a Voodoo worshiper.

After studying the state of Nun, being matured through acquisition of Sia (knowledge), Atum conceived the plan of creation in his heart. And when the plan was completed, he decided to leave the Nun. It is the extraction of the creative particle of Nun that would engender the world. Atum having engendered creation by will, reflection and decision, he therefore has a soul (Ba) in his heart (Ib). In order to determine the mode and movements related to the exit of the Nun, the Kamit still observes, studies the sky (astronomy), and realizes that the geometric form of the spiral is omnipresent around him.

The 4 necessary elements for life: water, earth, fire / light, air, move under a spiral form when they express their maximum power

Energy at its maximum expression, is in a spiral form like a hurricane or like waves. Galaxy is organized in a spiral form, the magnetic field of the sun has a spiral shape, the movement of the Earth around the sun draws a spiral, the fetus in the mother’s womb has a spiral position, fingerprint is in spiral, and even DNA (did they already know?) is a spiral. DNA is found in minerals, plants, animals and humans. So for the African, the spiral is the Energy’s maximum form of expression and the form that stabilizes the whole creation. The spiral is the imprint of the Creator on creation. The initial movement of Creation was therefore a spiral.

From the infinitely small (DNA) to the infinitely large (galaxy), it is the entire creation, which is marked by the spiral symbol

Atum thus came out of the Nun forming a spiral. Atum, the conscious particle, after conceiving the plan of creation in his heart, made energy emerge from himself to escape the Nun. And as a particle acting by its Energy, he-she is called Râ / Ré in ancient Egyptian, Sé in Bambara in Mali, Tei in Douala in Cameroon, Ngo by the baKongo.

Ra, the creative energy produced by Atum

Ra, the force from Atum, drew this spiral that would organize and order the particles contained in the Nun to create matter, that is to say all things around us. All the elements of creation, stars, minerals, plants, animals, humans, are matter, and result from an assembly of particles. And it is the spiral energy that has ordered and assembled these particles. Energy spread in the Nun by producing vibrations that made a loud noise, hence the Hu (the creative Word) or Me Kobegue among the Fangs of Central Africa.

Ra creates and transforms matter through the spiral

The spiral
Look closely at all the elements that make it up. 0 is the Nun, the nothingness; 1 is Ra in the center.
Source: La Religion Africaine, de la cosmologie quantique à la symbolique de Dieu; Mbog Bassong, page 75

Debnen in ancient Egyptian, Yereyeti among the Bambara, the whirlwind of the Venda of South Africa, the spiral is the geometric form of Creation. Cameroonian scholar Eugène Wonyu says “All African myths about human’s origin start from either an egg, a spiral or a nothingness that experiences vibrations due to cosmic energies” [1]. By studying the spirals present around him, the Kamit through mathematical computations realizes that there is a perfect number of the proportions of matter, this number is 1.6. This is what Westerners call nowadays the golden number, the number that represents the law of the Universe. And it is from this golden number that the Kamits drew their spiral.

It is Ra, produced by Atum, who assembled the particles of the Nun to produce matter and antimatter. Matter is fertile and continuous, from which comes Creation. The antimatter is sterile and nullifies the Creation by opposing the matter. The line where the odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) are, is the matter. The line on which the even numbers (2, 4, 6, and 8) are found is the antimatter.

These 2 straight lines come from Ra in the center, they are perpendicular, in opposition. It is Ra, the creative energy that has thus generated the good (matter) and the evil (antimatter). And the fact that these lines are in opposition means that there was at first a battle between matter and antimatter. This struggle engendered a gigantic explosion called tepes seb in ancient Egyptian, big bang by Westerners. And it is finally the matter, the longer line, which has taken over.

Ashanti architecture, current Ghana. Image of a building photographed at the end of the war against the English invaders. We see the spiral on the walls
The spiral in Hausa architecture, Nigeria/Niger
A Kotoko house plan in Cameroon
From the entrance to the parents’ bedroom, there is a spiral course
The parents’ room is analogous to Ra, because it represents the place of creation
Source: Présentation de Mbog Bassong, Ubuntu Mboa 6250

The matter only, which is not neutralized by antimatter, generated all the elements of Creation. It is from the surplus of matter that Creation was released. The fertile matter is thus Osiris the good, Usiré in ancient Egyptian, Osoro among the Akan people, Awzaar among the Somali, Ngai Narok among the Maasai, Neddo among the Fulani, Ryangombe in Rwanda. And the forbidden antimatter Suté (Seth) is the sterile evil, Ngai Nanyoke among the Maasai. It is Suté who will lead to Satan in the white religions. So, there was a battle between Usiré and Suté, both sons of Ra, in the beginning. And it is thanks to Maat that the matter has triumphed and that Creation has taken place.

Maat, daughter of Ra, condition of Creation

Maat, daughter of Ra, with her feather on her head. To fly to eternity?
The Maat feather throughout Africa

Thanks to Maat, daughter of Ra, who is the long arm of the spiral, matter took over, produced a longer straight line than that of antimatter. Thanks to Maat, Usiré, through his son Horus – Horo in ancient Egyptian, Huur among the Somali – took over. As Usiré complied with the commands of Maat – or Mbok according to the Wolof of Senegal, Fokon’olo in Madagascar – he was able to come back to life after the battle against his brother Suté. Killed by Suté, Usiré experienced death on the spiral’s cross, then resurrection thanks to Maat. And through Horo his son, who finally defeated Suté, the surplus of matter took over and Creation took place.

Left: Usiré / Osoro / Awzaar / Ngai Narok / Neddo / Ryangombe; Right: Suté / Ngai Nanyoke

Horo son of Usiré, a divine child born to save Creation, represents the continuity of matter. He represents the eternity of Creation, which continues only if he complies with the commandments of Maat as his father. Every child newly conceived, for example, represents the continuing Creation, an assemblage of particles under the action of Ra. The matter created by Ra with the particles of Nun, must be transformed continuously, it must evolve, by a principle of Ra called Kheper in ancient Egyptian.

Kheper, the transformation of the matter created by Ra

Kheper is therefore the law of transformation and the evolution of matter. Thus, in an evolutionary process, appeared minerals, plants, animals then humans. This is how the human, such matter assembled by Ra from the particles of the Nun, was first a primate close to the monkey, before becoming through several stages the present human, thanks to transformation, evolution, in one word, thanks to Kheper.

Ra the initial Energy, is therefore the master / mistress of Eternity through Horus and Kheper. Râ the Energy, the Force that created everything, gives life to everything, lives in everything and never sleeps. Ra works all the time. Ra must continue – with his-her spiral – the Creation from the scattered elements of the Nun containing the germs of life (semen, pollen sac, water pond, etc.); and the Transformation of the created matter. Therefore, each element of creation has a part of Energy (Ka).

9, the figure of Eternity

In all the rites of traditional initiation across Africa, the number 9 is sacred, because it symbolizes Horo, the victorious Creation of Ra and Kheper, the continuous transformation of the created matter by Ra. 9 is the eternal number. No matter the number by which you multiply 9, you always end up with the eternal number 9. This is the only number that gives this result:

9 X 2 = 18, which gives 1 + 8 = 9
9 X 3 = 27 => 2 + 7 = 9
9 X 7 = 63 => 6 + 3 = 9
9 X 14 = 126 => 1 + 2 + 6 = 9
9 X 1043 = 9387 => 9 + 3 + 8 + 7 = 27 => 2 + 7 = 9

The Ankh cross, symbol of the kamit thought, derived from the Spiral

The Ankh cross or life cross is the supreme symbol of the African thought. The head represents Ra, the Spiral Energy. The horizontal arms are Suté, sterile antimatter and principle of evil. The vertical long line is Usire/Horo, fertile material and principle of good. Usiré/Horo is longer than Suté.

Ankh with its head (Ra), its horizontal arms (the evil), its vertical part (the good)
In the middle: Pharaoh Kheperkaré Sen Useret (Sesostris I), with Ankh crosses in his hands
The Ashanti doll, assurance of fertility on the right is actually a slightly modified Ankh
One can make the analogy with the human who, like the Ankh, is animated by the opposed forces of the evil and the good. The human must always make the good triumph with his heart, by practicing Maât. He must remain S.Ankh.ka.Râ, that is to say the one who gives life to the ka (energy) of Ra. S.Ankh.ka.Râ is at the origin of the names Sankhara / Sankharé / Sangharé in West Africa

In summary

In the beginning, there was the Nun, the primordial water, where Imana, the hidden particle, awakened under his name Atum. Atum, symbolized by an egg, conceived Creation in his heart (Ib). He decided through his soul (Ba) to come out of the Nun to create through his Energy Ra. Ra, under his golden number 1.6, drew a spiral movement and propagated in the Nun by emitting a sound vibration (creating word). Thanks to his spiral movement, Ra produced matter and antimatter in opposition. Matter (Usiré/Horo) defeated antimatter (Suté) thanks to Maat. Horo represents the eternity of Creation and Kheper is the transformation of the created matter. Both depend on Maat and are symbolized by number 9. Each element of creation bears a part (Ka) of Energy (Ra).

Ra, scientific creative energy venerated by the Kamits (Blacks), is therefore God. God is that Energy which the African reach out to through a dead ancestor. God is Imana-Ra / Amen-Ra as a hidden particle that has become Energy. God is Atum-Ra as a conscious particle that has become Energy. The Bamilekes of Cameroon thus say that Si (God) is the Conscious Energy. God has never revealed himself-herself to Africans, She-He remains Imana (Hidden, Invisible). It is this Energy that gives life and animates everything that the Kamit deifies, hence the term animism that Westerners use to designate African Religion. As this term has become derogatory, we prefer Vitalism, which better reflects the vital force.

The African discovered God, has been convinced of his-her existence, by learning sciences. It is God who has given humans the necessary intelligence to discover His-Her Majesty. Ra has inscribed in nature all the elements enabling us to go back to him/her.

Ra is therefore unique (initial and totalizing energy) and multiple (energy distributed in each element of creation). This is why Akhenaten said to God, “You do not cease to extract millions of shapes from yourself, while remaining One”. This is why the Fangs of Central Africa say “And then, God multiplied like mushrooms”. This is why the baKongo say that God experiences uniqueness in multiplicity. That is why it is written on the stele of Sudanese Pharaoh Shabaka “God is in all that live”.

Famous Pharaoh Tuanga Imana (Tutankhamen) with a Cobra on his crown. The Cobra is an animal that winds in a spiral. On the right, a Yoruba king from Nigeria with a snake wrapped around his crown
Totemic hairstyle of the Oromo people from Ethiopia taking the shape of the head of a cobra

Through mathematics, astronomy, physics (…), the Kamit responded to his original question. He knows that he is on Earth to preserve and continue life (Ankh), respecting Maat as Ra commanded him. Maat is his/her philosophy. Famous Swiss sociologist and activist Jean Ziegler said: “The African cosmogony says that nothing beats the safeguard, permanence and expansion of life” [2]. While Europeans and Semitic peoples are on Earth to accumulate material wealth first, we Africans are on Earth first to perpetuate life.

And religious writings came to be…

Black priests wrote the first sacred texts in history. Those texts, which were for them the words that God would have said, are much better understood in the light of the foregoing. Example in ancient Egyptian:
Under the pen of the Egyptian priests, here is how Atum-Ra reported Creation:

Djed medu Neb r Djer, djed ef thus spoke the Master of the Universe :
“Isu iri i sep paut ntjeru pautiu And I made the previous era as well as the previous gods
Irry i meruty nebet m ta pen I did all I wanted to do in this world
Usekh n i im ef I dilated in it
Tjes n i djeret i I knotted my own hand (Maât, the big curve of the spiral)
Wai kui alone
Nen mesu sen Before they were born (the other gods)
Ini n i r i djes i I used my mouth (sound vibration)

Nen kheper kheperu nebet m ta pen No way of existence came into existence in this world
Irry n i irry nebet wai kui I did everything I did while being alone
Nen kheper ky Before anyone else (other than me) came forward
Iriu n ef hena i m bu pui to act with me in these places
Iri i kheperu im m ba pui I made the modes of existence from this force (which is in me)
Tjes n i im m Nun I created in the Nun
M neni still sleepy
Nen gemi n i bu aha n i im And having found no place to stand on
Ahat n i ib i then my heart became effective
Sentet n i m her i the plan of creation came before me
Iri n I irry nebet wai kui and I did everything I wanted to do alone
Sentet n i m ib i I designed projects in my Heart
Kema n i ky kheperu and I created another way of existence
Asha kheperu nu Khepri and the modes of existence derived from the Existent were multitude “[3].

Imana-Ra, masculine form

Other edifying texts :
“Djed in Râ n Nun so Râ said to Nun
Ntjer semsu kheper n i im ef Ô elder god in whom I came into existence
Djeded in Hem n Nun then the majesty of Nun said
Sa i Ra My son Ra
Ntjer aâ r iri su God greater than the one who made him (Nun) “[4].

“Mesu m Nun When I was born in the Nun
N sep kheperet pet Before the sky came into existence
N sep kheperet ta Before the earth came into existence

N sep kheperet henenu Before torment (spiral?) came into existence
N mesut ntjeru While the gods (who came from me: Osiris, Horus, Maat, etc.) were not yet born “[5].

“Râ nu This is Ra
Ink Ntjer aa, kheper djes ef I am the great God, came to his/her own existence
Kema renu hau ef He (Râ) named his body parts
Kheper my nen ntjeru imyu semsut Then came to existence these gods who are following him
Ir sef Usiré Yesterday is Osiris (already dead)
Ir duau Râ nu and tomorrow is Ra (through his eternity)
Khetem tu heftiu nu Neb r Djer The enemies of the Master of the Universe have been annihilated
Im ef hena nu sa ef Horo There he reigns with his son Horus “[6]

“Ink Ptah I am the Creator
Ink Wa I am the Unique
Ink Nehehe I am the Eternal
Ink Ntjer aa I am the great God
Neb r Djer the Master of the Universe
Neb Nehehe the Master of Eternity
Ntjer Nefer the good God “[7]

We can see that African lyricism is based on a scientific reality. These texts can be disputed regarding their scientific and philosophical grounds. It is not a matter of dogmatic and untouchable words, as in so-called revealed religions, which prevent critical analysis. And if a scientific element or philosophical speculation questions a passage, it can be modified. The brain, the critical mind, the rationality must always work in the Kamit.

The birth of so-called revealed religions

When the White moved out of the cold Eurasian steppes and came into contact with the Black in the Near East (Canaanite Black), in Arabia (Sabian Black) and in Egypt, he discovers the existence of God as the African was the first to theorize and practice it. But the Leukoderma has limited access to scientific secrets and only sees the myths that Africans show. In a desire to create his religion without understanding the foundations of God, he will use the revelation myth to justify God’s existence.

With no argument to explain well what he wrote – here mostly through copy – in his book, he asks his followers to believe, to have faith and not to understand. Coming from a cradle where the woman is seen as inferior and where nature is perceived as hostile, he removes the feminine part of God and take God out of his-her creations. This is how the so-called religions of faith, where one has to believe, were born: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Writing, law, power, arts, architecture…

As creation was made by the word, everything that exists represents the word of God. Then the African invents the first writing from signs that are elements of nature, and called that writing Medu Ntjer (Words of God) in ancient Egyptian; what Westerners call Hieroglyphs. This is why such a writing includes birds, plants, humans, the sun, etc.

As each element of creation is born from the sound propagation of Ra in the Nun, each element represents the word of God. It is this writing, the first of humanity born between Sudan and Egypt 5400 years ago, which is at the origin of Greek, Arabic, Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.

The human being endowed with the ability to speak like God, so he/she is the center of Creation, the guardian of the Universe. The Kamit deduces what are the commands of Maat and invents the law and justice. Maat’s humanist and harmonious spirit made him build a society with equality and complementarity between man and woman, absence of an economy based on slavery, absence or virtually absence of famine and homelessness, reinforced solidarity, absence of genocide, least blood-shedding wars, beloved kings working for the good of their people

The king is Horus’ incarnation, he is the main advocate of life keeping and in doing so he must make Maat reign by all means, including by force. He fights perpetually to make Horus and Kheper triumph. He is Neb Maat (master of Maat) or Mogho Naba among the Mosi of Burkina Faso.

The ram, God’s totemic animal in the Pharaonic civilization, partly because of its spiral horns
As Horus is the son of God, he is the Lamb of God who has come to take away the sin (Suté) off the world. Every king in Africa is the replica of Horus

Since Maat reflects the order and harmony of Creation, the Kamit must be the reflection of Maat even in his art. So his music and dance are beautiful, harmonious, and coordinated. And to this day she/sh remains the best dancer and singer on the planet, even if he does not know the reason anymore. As the mathematical foundations of Creation are to be reflected on Earth, the golden number and Pi that he also discovered in his mathematical investigation, are reflected in his architecture.

This is how he built the Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest monument in his history and the ancient world. 2,900,000 blocks of concrete weighing up to 70 tons each – enough to build 30 Empire State Buildings – mounted on 147 meters, all of different sizes, with a precision in masonry of around a tenth of a millimeter. Tunnels with absolutely perfect inclinations, which have baffled the best architects of the world to date, were drilled inside.

The golden number and Pi are omnipresent in the architecture of the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid of Giza represents the historical apotheosis of symbolic mathematics. The African climaxes and civilizes the entire Earth with his God, discovered by his science.

The complexes of the pyramids of Giza reproduces the Lion constellation on Earth still known as Usiré or Orion by the Westerners. This is why we see Mai (the lion) who is represented by the great Sphinx. These are astronomical monuments built with sophisticated mathematical instruments. All this science has been discovered by Africans in their philosophical quest for the origins of the world. Mathematics, physics, astronomy (…) are tools invented by Africans in southern Africa and in the Great Lakes, in order to unravel the world mysteries and to understand the origins. It is because we were the first humans and did that research work first, that we civilized the world.
On the left, Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) who is believed to have built of the Great Pyramid, statue of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

God’s name in Africa

Bambara & Dogon, Mali; Jukun, Nigeria: Amma / Ama
Ancient Libya: Amun
Ancient Sudan: Amani
baNyarwanda, Rwanda & baRundi, Burundi: Imana
Ancient Egypt: Imana / Amon / Amen
Akan, Ghana-Ivory Coast: Nyamien / Nyame
Douala & Basa, Cameroon; Barotse & Lozi, Zambia: Nyambe
Konjo, Congo-Uganda: Nyamahanga
Fang, Gabon: Nzame
kiKongo, Congos-Angola: Nzambi
Baya, Central African Republic: Zambi
Sangama, Ethiopia: Zabi
Herero, Namibia: Njambi
Pare, Tanzania: Kyumbi


We see that the concept of God for Blacks is scientific and perfectly rational. It is based on the exact sciences and philosophical speculation. This spirituality born tens of thousands of years ago in the Holy Land (the Great Lakes and Southern Africa), and which was brought to its summit in Egypt, is common to the whole continent. We sincerely believe that the African conception of God is the best because it is based on a scientific inquiry strictly seeking the truth and opened to questioning.

If we reject this religion today, it is because we do not know it, because the European and Arab colonists slandered and soiled it for the purposes of exploiting Africa. We can only feel incredibly honored to have been made African and to have the blood of our great ancestors flowing through our veins.

But outside the spiritual framework, we see other benefits for Africa. African Religion lays the foundation of a completely revised education, a redesigned social system, a redesigned economic system, an upgraded women’s status, a re-foundation of our States, a redesigned architecture, the foundation of conservatories of music, philosophy schools, etc.

In schools, we can imagine workshops on the physical study of Atum, the mathematical study of the spiral or the great pyramid or reflections on Maat. What exciting topics! By putting the African child in the continuity of the genius of his/her ancestors, the school failure rate could considerably drop and we could have as many geniuses as we had 2500 years ago. This science is the path towards the scientific renaissance of the black world, towards the rebirth of Kama (Africa).

We sincerely thank our ancestors for leaving us such heritage and we must try to make them proud.

9 Vitalist Civilizations Built by Blacks from the Kamit Science:
The Carthaginian civilization, Tunisia; the Civilization of Zimbabwe; The civilization of Danhome, Benin
The Ashanti civilization, Ghana; the Egyptian civilization; the Mayan civilization, Mexico; The Barua (Meroe) civilization, Sudan; The Benin civilization, Nigeria; The Indus Valley civilization, India-Pakistan
For the future…


By: Lisapo ya Kama © (All rights reserved. Any reproduction of the text of this article is strictly forbidden without the written approval of Lisapo ya Kama)


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