The African origins of the Aboriginals of Oceania

The Aboriginal of Australia, the Papuan people, the Melanesians (New-Caledonians, Samoans etc.), all these native black populations of Oceania, are according to researchers from Africa.

En haut à gauche : Les Noirs de Papouasie En haut à droite : Les Noirs d'Australie En bas à gauche : Les Noirs des îles Salomon En bas à droite : Le footballeur français Christian Karembeu, qui est un Noir de Nouvelle Calédonie
At the top on the left: the Black people of Papua; At the top on the right: the Black people of Australia; On the bottom left: the Black people of the Solomon Islands; On the bottom right: The French footballer Christian Karembeu, who is a black man of New Caledonia

Until now, we thought that all the non-African population came from the same migration since Africa towards the Near East, certified by the discover of the skeleton of Qafzeh in the current Israel, which is 100 000 years old. Yet, according to the researchers, humankind was effectively born in Africa 200 000 years ago and has rather migrated by several waves towards Asia. The Oceania Blacks arrived there through a migration movement from the Black continent 70 000 years ago.

These populations have been across Asia to reach Oceania about 50 000 years ago. They preserved their original skin colour thanks to the Asian climate that is similar to the African. As for their hair – straight hair for the Blacks of Australia and kinky for those of Papua and New Caledonia – the answer may be found probably in the climate. As for Whites, they are Blacks of Africa who became White by because of the icy European climate. It is a physical transformation which has taken about 25 000 years.

Le génocide actuel des Noirs de Papouasie par les Indonésiens
The current genocide of the Blacks of Papua

The Blacks of Oceania have also known a terrible holocaust. Those of Tasmania have been eradicated from the surface the earth by the British. Those of the Australian continent are as marginalized as African American today, those of New Caledonia are under French occupation for 160 years, those of Western Papua paid in 50 years by 500 000 deaths [1] the supervision of their country by the Indonesians.

They are fighting today to snatch their liberty and to put an end to this genocide. This blood relationship between the Blacks of Africa and those of Oceania and this community of destiny, asks the question of the role Africa will play in the protection of these Black populations of Oceania.

Les Noirs de Papouasie appellent les Africains et les Africains des Amériques à l'aide Pour vous informer sur le génocide en Papouasie, suivez ce lien
Black people of Papua call the African and the afro-Caribbean for help To inform yourself about the genocide of Papua, follow this link


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