The African demographic miracle

Mr Macron at the G20 summit in Germany

July 8, 2017. At the G20 summit in Germany, an African journalist, suffering from white savior syndrome, asks the French President Emmanuel Macron when will the G20, especially France, launch a development plan for the continent. Mr. Macron, perched on his white supremacy, did not expect such an opportunity. He responds arrogantly that the problem in Africa is that African women make 7 to 8 children on average each, and with such a birth rate, development is impossible.

These openly expressed thoughts are in the continuity of Mr Sarkozy, who is obsessed with the demography of Nigeria, or Bill Gates, who wants to reduce the African population with his vaccines. This is an opinion shared by most of the Western intelligentsia. The controversy born of the racist statements of Mr Macron allows to open with a broad echo the debate on the African demography, and to enlighten the Africans on the issues which are bound to it. In this article, we will take a look at the demographic history of the Black Continent, its current dynamics, and identify directions for the future.

Does a high population rhyme with poverty?

Let’s just look at what are the major economic powers in the world today. China is 1st or 2nd according to the rankings and is the most populous country in the world. The United States, 1st or 2nd, is the third most populous country in the world. In Europe Norwegians have the highest per capita income of the continent, but they are not the richest country, and do not count politically. Why? Because the Norwegian population is low. Which country is the richest and most influential in Europe and at the same time the 4th richest country in the world? It’s Germany. Why? Because Germany is the most populous country on the European continent. If China, the United States or Germany are so influential today, it is largely because their populations are strong.

On each continent the most populous country is also the country that produces the most wealth. It’s a constant. The United States in America, China in Asia, Germany in Europe, Nigeria in Africa. While in Africa it would be the Botswana for example, which has one of the highest per capita incomes of the continent, which should occupy this place, Nigeria holds it, because it has the advantage of the number with its 200 million inhabitants*. So, no, strong population does not rhyme with poverty in contrary to what they want us to believe. Strong population rhymes with wealth and geopolitical power on the world stage. This is an undeniable advantage.

1.2 billion

It is the number of inhabitants in Africa, south of the Sahara, to which the number of Africans in the Americas should be included. What do these figures represent in relation to our history? Is the black world heavily populated or overcrowded as some say?

Black Africans are the oldest people in the world. Humanity was born 200,000 years ago on the black continent and this birth preceded 100,000 years the migration of these first Africans to other continents. It should therefore be expected that Africans, originally placed in a climate as favorable as theirs, are the most numerous in the world. Yet Africa today has a density of 42 inhabitants for every km2 of territory, against 99 for Asia and 73 for Europe.

Africa is not overcrowded, in contrary to Western propaganda. This is particularly the case for Central Africa which is practically empty. Congo-Brazzaville is as big as Germany but is 16 times less populated. The Central African Republic, as large as Germany and Italy combined, is 28 times less populous than the 2. Gabon, as big as Great Britain, is 30 times less populous. The same thing will be said for southern Africa, whose population is relatively low. The only places with densities comparable to those found in Western Europe are the Great Lakes, Nigeria and Ghana. What explains these low numbers?

78 to 84%

This interval is the percentage of reduction of the African population on south of the Sahara by the Arab slave trade, the European slave trade and European colonization. Africa did indeed have the largest population in the world at the end of the 15th century. The French geographer and demographer Louise Marie Diop-Maes, who has done a reference work on the African demographic evolution – through her work Afrique noire, sol, démographie et histoire – concluded that before the terrorist acts of the slavery, the population was between 600 and 800 million people. 350 years of raids, deportation and destruction of ancient African societies with their wealthy empires then brought that number to 200 million by the end of the 19th century.

Africa before the unleashing of the European slave trade: populous, incredibly rich, proud and inked in its culture (Illustration by Léo and Diane Dillon)

Later European colonization, with its unspeakable crimes, reduced that number to 137 million by 1930. By the beginning of the 20th century, black Africans were on the verge of extinction. The Maafa (Black Holocaust in Swahili) has therefore caused 473 to 673 million casualties to Africa. It is an extermination, the greatest crime in human history. There is nothing possible to harm human beings that has not been done to us. Ms. Diop concluded that the reason we are still here after 450 years of apocalypse is that we were initially very numerous.

Our strong past demography is the reason for our existence today and in a very remarkable way, it took off at the end of colonization.


This is the figure by which the population in Africa was multiplied between 1960 and 2017. An halt of the attacks was enough, to allow like by magic, the number to increase sharply. Yet there have been a few, if any, birth-rate incentives by governments. Despite malaria, AIDS, wars, famines etc … the African population continues to progress inexorably. Apart from the global climate of peace, why this meteoric rise?

The reasons for this growth can find an explanation in the vitalist (animist) philosophy whose central purpose is to perpetuate life by all means. Having children meets then the standards of tradition and is felt as the way to continue the life given by the Creator, to acquire for himself eternal life through his descendants. What’s more, with the sense of community and the help shared, it is normal to want a great offspring to share with it everything that life has given us. Hearing an individualist Westerner saying that he does not want children to avoid the chores that go with it is incomprehensible, it is an aberration.

The image of this beautiful Nigerian family with its 10 children is perceived among the Western elite as the worst threat posed by Africa

On the other hand, while the average number of children per woman has decreased from 6.6 in 1960 to 4.9 today, it is now the decline in mortality in all age groups that justifies this increase even more, faster today than before. The improvement of medicine therefore supports population growth.


This is the number by which the African population will multiply between today and the end of the century. Africa in the south of the Sahara will have 4 billion inhabitants in 2100. More than one inhabitant in three on the planet will be African. This future announces a domination of Africa on the world just like in the Pharaonic era. A future perspective to which the West has declared war.


This is the average number of children per woman in the European Union. We are here below 2, a figure allowing to renew the generations. It’s even lower in Germany, Italy or Spain. Despite all the financial incentives put at their disposal, European women do not want to have children or do not want to have enough. If Westerners are not concerned about their future demise because of their individualism, we have no reason to accompany them.

Nigeria, with its number that gives it the legitimacy to guide Africa, will become in 2050 one of the 10 richest countries in the world. The end of this century heralds a declining Europe and an Africa back to the geopolitical and economic foreground.

This explains – on a backdrop of racism and white supremacy – the European obsession with the uterus of African women and verbal attacks against black women who are thought to be mad. There is a deep fear of the future power of Africa. The current debate is part of a movement that begun in the 20th century. Thus, France forcibly sterilized black women on the island of Reunion.

The legalization of abortion was passed in the United States in the 1970s with some of it perhaps aimed at targeting African-Americans. President Nixon suggested that voters would back the law because they would think “what’s going to be aborted generally are the little black bastards.” [1] The introduction of drugs by secret services in black communities in the 1980s with its share of violence, then the massive incarceration of black men by the laws of Bill Clinton in the 90s, blew up the social organization. More to that, is the fact that so many successful black men refuse to marry black women by alienation which contributes to this disintegration.

Therefore, at the time of segregation, marriage was the norm among blacks. Today, 48% of black women have never been married compared to 30% of all American women combined [2]. They therefore resort – given their unstable situation – massively to abortion. One in eight women in the United States is black, but one in three abortions is made by a black woman [3]. African-Americans have gone from 2nd racial group to 3rd behind Latinos. And if their numbers continue to stagnate, they will be fourth behind the Asians. This declining power will result in a reinforcement of the mistreatment that is done to them.

In South Africa, work was done during the apartheid to develop diseases to kill blacks. Dr. Wouter Basson, President Botha’s personal physician, created chemical and biological weapons in the 1980s. He was looking for a “black bomb” to exterminate Africans.

Wouter Basson lives free today when he actually killed blacks with his inventions

All contraceptive promotion campaigns funded by NGOs in Africa are also working in this direction. While we recognize of course the right of women to use contraception, we say that the West has nothing to do with their well-being. The only goal is to lower the birth rate and to see them also disappear.

It must be added that if the debate on the danger of an African overpopulation meets a favorable echo for so many Westerners today, it is because the first stage of the extermination of a people has been successfully applied. In the whole history, before exterminating a people, it was first necessary to destroy its image, to dirty it, to reduce it to the rank of sub humans, to make it pass for useless and harmful, to be able to justify its physical disappearance thereafter. It was so with the Armenian and Jewish genocides.

In the case of Africa, the destruction of our image began to justify the European slave trade. The falsification of the glorious history of Africa, civilizer of humanity, the racist prejudices about lazy and savage Africans who spend the time having sex, the massive spread in the media of Africa’s current problems and the denial of its advances, Hip Hop which gives an under-educated and violent image of Blacks etc … all this contributes to the cultural murder which must make accept and precede our mass physical extermination.

Which attitude to adopt?

Faced with this intensifying war, we are and must constantly consider ourselves as a people threatened with extermination. Our history tells us that our demography has saved us and that we must keep it at all costs. Our continent is the richest in the world in natural resources. Had it not been for the foreign attacks, we would probably be some 4 to 6 billion, or even more, rich people today. It is therefore appropriate for us to correct history. If until now it has not been possible to make us disappear, the West will succeed one day if we do nothing, given the means implemented.

They may already be using vaccines. They may contaminate the water, who knows? . NGOs under the veil of feminism and progress, will always encourage more women to reduce their numbers of children. The pressure and efforts will intensify. These are the kinds of challenges that lie ahead. If some believe that prayers are enough, we will die with our prayers.

Bill Gates and his vaccines. He made it clear that vaccines could be used to reduce the world’s population

It is the responsibility of African women to perpetuate Africa. We must therefore give them – in accordance with the fundamental African tradition – the equality of rights and levers in the power of political decision as we have detailed here. In order to maintain an average number of children per woman of 4 or 5, it is they who will decide, first and foremost, what financial incentives they will need, maternity leave, professional career protection measures in the event of birth, funds to be allocated to fitness centers, daycare centers, etc. It is up to African women, so great and venerable, to define the most comfortable setting in which they will want to continue the birth effort.

Finally, medicine in Africa must continue to make progress. Malaria and AIDS in particular must be defeated. The number of deaths due to these diseases must continue its descent.

4 billion of ?

If the future of Africa raises hope, it will be necessary to ensure the cultural and economic conditions in which all these future Africans will live. It will be necessary to fight so that it is not 4 billion Africans who are ashamed of Africa but of people intellectually awake and proud of their statue of civilizers of the humanity. It will not be 4 billion Muslims and Christians with an inferiority complex facing Europeans and Arabs, but 4 billion people, mostly vitalist, who will have contact with the Creator without passing through imperialist foreigners. It will not be 4 billion poor but 4 billion rich and middle-class people who will consume African. It will not be 4 billion people making the linguistic force of Europeans who despise them infinitely, but 4 billion people speaking Swahili, Lingala, Hausa, Bambara etc … It must be the victory of our joy of living, our songs, our dances, our rites, our feasts, our values. It is therefore a profound cultural and economic transformation to which we must work, with its endless opportunities.

Africa must work for a rich and African future


Africa’s strong past demographics are why Africans still exist and today’s dynamic is the reason why Africa will take over geopolitical and economic leadership. There is absolutely no question for Africa to change its birth rate. Births are needed, especially in Central Africa. It is on this condition that we will find our status in the world, as it was 3500 years ago. If the Europeans want to disappear, it does not concern us. Mr Macron’s coming out has had the advantage of making Africans aware of the West’s desire to see them fade away. The demographic miracle that Africa is experiencing today is a great hope for the future, with its challenges and opportunities.

This rebirth that is announced will also be a revenge on the past. Despite everything that has been done to us, we are still here. Despite the terrible hatred, contempt, arrogance and paternalism that the entire planet, that all these peoples that were born from us and have been civilized by us, have for us, we the first Humans and civilizers of humanity are always here. We think in particular of the DR Congo, the most martyred country in Africa.

After having been decimated and impoverished by the European slave trade, after having experienced 12 to 32 million deaths under the Belgian colonization [4], and despite the 8 million deaths at least in the current genocide of the East of the country [5], the Congolese are still here. They are 80 million and continue to grow. Congo suffers but does not break. If the Congo has not disappeared, the whole of Africa must not disappear.

Hotep !

Par : Lisapo ya Kama © (All rights reserved. Any copying or translation of the text of this article is strictly forbbiden without the written approval of Lisapo ya Kama)

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