Ramses II asks God to protect Black people

Ramesu maryimana (Ramsès II); Sculpture du temple de Karnak
Ramesu Maryimana (Ramses II);
Temple of Karnak

In 2962 of the African era, Ramesu Maryimana led his troops to the mythic battle of Kadesh in present-day Syria, where the tale of his legendary accomplishements began. Before the enemy, the African armies ended up withdrawing, leaving Pharaoh almost alone on the battlefield, facing certain defeat. The king of Egypt then called out on Imana-Ra/Amen-Ra, unique God of Africa. That call empowered him and drove him to turn the situation around. Back to Africa after the battle, Ramesu Maryimana victorious, was not anymore seen as an ordinary king but as a true Sa Ra – son of God. This prayer is still very relevant to us today :

‘I am calling you

Oh our father Amen-Ra

We are amongst numerous people

That we do not know and whose intentions are hostile towards us

The other nations have once again allied themselves against us

In order to harm Kamits (Blacks) and steal their wealth

We are alone; there is nobody by our side

Here I am raising my prayer

From the ends of the barbarian lands

My call reached Waset (Thebes)

And I can hear from the distance your steps coming towards us

Glory to you, Oh Amen-Ra

The Master of the Universe’


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Hotep !

By: Lisapo ya Kama

Source: Hymnes et Prières Kamites, Jean Philippe Omotunde, introduction.

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