And Africa offered humankind the writing…

It is everywhere said that the first writing ever is the Sumerian writing – Mesopotamia -, which appeared in 3300 BC. But the researches of the Germanic institute of archeology led by Gunter Dreyer enabled to grant this determining invention for humankind to whom may concern, it is to say Blacks of Africa.

The world’s oldest writing. This writing is from Black Africa.
The world’s oldest writing. This writing is from Black Africa

The eminent Congolese linguist Theophile Obenga teaches us that Phoenicians, who were the first Black inhabitants of the Near East, originating from Africa (1), used to say that writing had been created by Egyptians and transmitted to them (2). The Greek savant Diodorus said that Nubians – from southern Egypt-Sudan – had told him that it was from them that their Egyptians descendants had inherited writing (3). The Germanic institute of archeology discovered in Abydos, in the south of Egypt, the oldest track of writing of the history of humanity. The inscriptions discovered by that team enabled to date to -3400 the hieroglyphs that had been found there (4).

Tablets that had been found in Uruk and Akkad in Mesopotamia show a type of writing dating from -3200 BC (5). The problem is that this ‘writing’ doesn’t contain sounds. It means that those drawings are not meant to express sounds. Therefore it’s not writing. If one compares that with Africa, we have the Lebombo bone found in Swaziland and that is the first proof of mathematics of humanity. The inscriptions on the Lebombo bone date from -37000 (6). The authentic Sumerian writing dates from -3060 (2). And the said Sumerians were Blacks (7) who were to be mixed with Whites from the Caucasia and became the current White Semites.

Source : presentation of Upahotep Kajor Mendi; Ubuntu Mboa 6250
Source : presentation of Upahotep Kajor Mendi; Ubuntu Mboa 6250

The Chinese writing dates from 1766 BC. It was taken to Greece by the Phoenicia’s Blacks lead by Cadmus after they settled there around -1450 (8); and this information is confirmed by the Greeks themselves. It was then through contact with the Black civilizers of the Near East originating from Africa that Europe had for the first time a writing around the 9th century BC; it is to say almost 2600 years at least after Africa. It is that Greek alphabet which gave birth to the current Latin one (9) we used to write this article. The French historian and epigraph Pierre Bordreuil, experienced researcher of the National Center of Scientific Research (France) says that ‘what’s extraordinary with the Phoenician alphabet is that it is the ancestor of our alphabets’ (9).

As the European writing is originating from the Phoenician writing and the Phoenician writing is originating from the African one, the European writing is therefore originating from the African one.

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