Africa must import technology, not culture

Who holds science and technology runs the world

La domination africaine, première domination du monde pendant 3000 ans. Temple d’Aïssata (Isis), Egypte
African domination, the world’s first domination over 3000 years.
Aisata (Isis)’s Temple, Egypt

When one takes a look at the different powers that have succeeded one another in the world, one notices that those States or ensembles were all places where knowledge was at its best.

Africans were the first to dominate the world. Born in southern Africa and in the region of the Great Lakes, science germinated inside the continent before being carried to its summit by Blacks in ancient Egypt. Africa dominated the world in medicine, architecture, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and military strategy, in human sciences etc.

The Egyptian civilization, the greatest civilization of antiquity and the most determinant of human history, shone, thanks to its scientific prowess and its ability to defend itself. From Egypt, a people called Etruscan took its knowledge in architecture from which the Roman empire was built.

ALL THE GREEK SCHOLARS went to Egypt and learned the theorems and findings which are falsely attributed to them today. Thanks to this African heritage, the Greeks and the Romans dominated the world. When Rome fell, the Arabs took Egypt over and gathered the African sciences translated into Greek.

Those sciences were subsequently developed in the Arab-Muslim world, thus initiating the domination of the Arabs over the world. The Islamized Blacks of the Maghreb, known as the Moors, introduced in Europe the sciences that their African ancestors invented. Europe took those sciences, thus initiating its renaissance and the Western domination until today.

Morality: if Africa wants to return to the front of the world scene, it must acquire the Western sciences as the Asians do today.

La domination romaine succédant à une domination grecque moins importante. La domination européenne fut la deuxième domination du monde pendant 800 ans. Le Colysée, Rome
The Roman domination succeeding to a less important Greek domination. The European domination was the second rule of the world for 800 years.
The Colosseum, Rome

But what is to be said is that, if the scientific and technical transfer has been made from one civilization to another, the people who received them always made sure to preserve their culture. The Greeks did not absorb the Egyptian sciences through the African language, they translated it into their language. The Romans took the Etruscan architecture, while rejecting the Etruscan matriarchy inherited from Africa. The Arabs translated the African-Greek sciences into their language, without absorbing the religions of the latter. Europeans translated the Moorish sciences into their languages while dismissing the Islamic content. All those great civilizations have absorbed nothing but technique, have not taken up culture, or have not taken all the essentials.

La domination arabe, 3e domination du monde pendant 800 ans. Mosquée de l’époque Abasside, Baghdad, Irak
The Arab domination, 3rd domination of the world for 800 years.
Mosque of the Abasside era, Baghdad, Iraq

Culture like religion and language, is the safety screw of a people. It is the deep identity of a people. And a people with a lost identity, like the Blacks today, is a dead people, exploitable at will. All the others understood it, except Africans. Blacks absorb the others’ culture, religions and languages. While we are the most culturally attacked people in the world, as the people who have absorbed foreign influence like nobody, defending our culture is a matter of survival. If we must legitimately acquire science to realize ourselves better, this science must be absorbed while protecting our culture. Africa must therefore import technology, not culture.

La domination européenne (occidentale), 4e domination du monde depuis 500 ans. Manhattan, New York
European domination (Western), 4th domination of the world for 500 years.
Manhattan, New York

In other words, is progress being made through copying the manufacture of refrigerators to store food as well as possible ? Yes. Does progress mean to replace his Kenté or Bubu by a three-piece suit ? No. Is progress being made through copying the manufacture of modern bridges and trains to travel better? Yes. Does progress mean to change the community economy into a copy of capitalism and foreign individualism ? No. Is progress achieved by sending satellites to the space to communicate better ? Yes. Does progress consist in replacing Lingala or the Hausa language by French ? No. Does progress consist in copying the construction of dams and solar power plants to power its industry ? Yes. Does it consist in letting the places of initiation down to embrace the Bible and the Koran ? No. Does progress consist in copying the manufacture of scanners for a better care of our patients ? Yes. Does it consist in bearing an European and Arab name whereas they will never take our African names ? No.

If it is necessary, of course, to start re-assessing our own sciences and deriving all that can be used today, it is also necessary to establish schools of translation of Western scientific works throughout Africa. Thus there were schools of translation from Arabic to French, Spanish, Italian etc., in Montpellier, Bologna, Oxford during the Moorish domination. 

It also means that the Western linguistic science must be used to develop African languages and not to tell us whether the verb ‘’ Fight ‘’ has a Greek or Latin origin. This means that today’s architectural techniques must enable us to build homes, public buildings and vitalist (animist) temples on the basis of our architectural heritage, not churches and mosques. All this technological contribution must be non-polluting to be in balance with our theory of life.

L’Afrique a rendez-vous avec l’histoire, en absorbant frénétiquement les sciences modernes non polluantes tout en sauvegardant jalousement et en faisant fructifier ses théories propres, sa culture. Couple Akan, Côte d'Ivoire
Africa has a rendez-vous with history, by frantically absorbing the non-polluting modern sciences while jealously safeguarding and making its own theories and its culture bear fruits
Akan couple, Ivory Coast

This means that we must learn the writing methods to write in the hieroglyphic alphabet, Nko or Mandombé that will be written on our products and on our street signs and our airports. This also means that the modern techniques of the textile industry must enable us first to improve the quality of the Kente or the Bazin, and not try to beat the Italians in making suits. Of course, all inputs that do not affect our culture, such as roads, ports or airports, will be welcome.

In short, the scientific excellence to which Africa must reconnect itself, must be achieved through The appropriation and development of Western sciences, within the protection and reinforcement of its own culture.

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